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2006 Mustang V6 Project

2006 Mustang Project

After the untimely demise of my pet 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis, I ended up buying a 2006 Ford Mustang. I originally wanted a 2004 40th anniversary Mustang convertible, but after two long distance trips in opposite directions, I learned that these cars have a severe rust problem. Most likely the copious amounts of salt used here in Indiana and Kentucky.

In searching through all sorts of classified ads I found a cute little 2006 Mustang on Craigslist in Greensburg, Indiana. I spoke with the owners and they were very honest about the condition of the car. They told me all about the fact that the previous owner had allowed their kids to spill stuff on the cloth seats, scratches in the paint and the need for brakes and tires. Mechanically they said that the car ran good and was properly maintained. Their reason for selling was the fact that after they combine their families   they have 4 children and really needed to lose the sports car and get a more family sized vehicle so they can take trips without driving two vehicles. All-in-all it sounded like it was worth looking at. Enlisting the help of my good friend, Stan Wright, his trusty Jeep, and my son, Kyle, we headed off  for the third time in two weeks to find a car.

When we arrived in Greensburg, we found that the Mustang did have a few scratches on it, most of which appear to be buffable. It came with 2 sets of wheels, the factory mags and a set of 17" custom mags. The interior, although a complete stained up mess, was all intact and functional. We decided that a test drive was in order. Despite having over 200K on the clock the Mustang rode like a dream, was tight, had no body noises and ran like a Swiss watch. My trusty co-pilot, Kyle and I decided that price negotiations should begin.  We looked over the car and made some notes about what immediate actions were needed to make her road-worthy and I offered the owner $2800.00. He accepted my offer, some cash & paperwork traded hands, and we were off in the little Mustang with Stan and his Compass flying in formation with us.

The "New" Mustang on her maiden voyage.

Classic 60's styling with modern technology!

Stan & Kyle appear to be happy about the Mustang!

As Kyle and I drove home, I was nothing but impressed by the way the car handled and drove.  I had driven a 2005 GT back in 05 when Stan and I built one up as a DARE car for the Sheriff's Department, but I did not really drive it much more than 15 or 20 miles. Like all of the other police cars we built it was just another car to run through the mill and go to its new officer. I was very familiar with taking the car apart though.

I decided on the way home that it really did need a couple of things to bling it up.
  • Louvers- Both side and rear window
  • GPS- Hmm...I know where a fairly new Garmin is that is collecting dust!
  • Back up Camera- Once you get used to one it becomes almost a necessity.  Plus with the louvers, it might be even more helpful.
The important things that had to happen first though are:
  • Tires- I am going to use the aftermarket 17" wheels and store the factory 16" wheels.
  • Brakes- Front and rear.....Nuff said
  • Air Filter-  K&N coming up!
  • Oil Change- Purolator BOSS Oil filter and synthetic 5W30.
  • Fuel Filter
  • Battery- Why not do a Yellow Top Optima?

So we got the car home and a quick trip to the auto parts store gets us all the brake parts and tune up parts we need! The brakes were very easy to change on this car.  I replaced calipers, rotors, and pads. Oil change was easy. Fuel filter...not so much! They buried it on driver's side under a panel held on with bolts and plastic fasteners. An interesting delay took place in the process because Kyle decided to have appendicitis in the middle of it all!  I had a really nice picture of him while he was coming out of anesthesia, but using discretion, decided against posting it..You're welcome Kyle.  By the way, an appendectomy costs right around $59K....Thanks Obamacare!

After I got back on track I took the car to Tieman Tire in Mitchell and purchased a set of Mastercraft tires. I like Tieman because they always have great prices and are very fast and efficient at installation.  I would bet these guys could beat a NASCAR pit crew! Oh and NO hidden charges!  I hate places that advertise too good to be true prices and then you find out that they also charged you $5.00 per wheel to take the lug nuts off, $10.00 per tire warranty, etc.

Here's the car at home with her new shoes.

The more I look at this car, the more I like its styling!

So I have ordered my louvers, a rearview mirror that has a back up cam and forward-facing cam, and seat covers. While out doing the yard sale thing with Debby, I found a couple of gems. One is an almost new carpet steam cleaner with upholstery attachments- 5 Bucks!  This will be very handy since the carpets and seats are in desperate need of deep cleaning. The second find a Sirius XM radio unit with dock and all...UNOPENED...3 Bucks!  Now I can listen to The Highway and Radio Classics!

The Mustang carpet cleaned admirably but the seats, although cleaner than they were, still are in need of covers.

Stand by for more details on these and more projects to come as we play with the new toy! It's not the Mustang I had hoped to own but who has $1.9 million dollars laying around!
TF-51 "Crazy Horse" my dream Mustang!  

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